gt5 with different textbrowsers

It is recommended to use links with gt5. The other textbrowsers are also possible but there are several good reasons why links is given priority:

  • elinks: links is much faster on start/exit
  • lynx: does not honor a document's coloring
  • netrik: no colors, RIGHT does not follow links
  • retawq: no colors, can't handle <a name>-tags
  • w3m: unfavourable handling of <a name>-tags,
     unfavourable cursor navigation and no colors

Only links/links2, elinks and lynx are now considered usable (and also chosen in that order). You can set GT5_BROWSER=your_preferred_browser to overrule this.

The first picture shows the textbrowsers with their default configuration, the second one is configured for optimal use with gt5. Options to be set/unset are given below the pictures.

sample HTML | missing textbrowser/configuration?


F9 -> Setup -> Terminal options:
[X] VT 100 frames
[X] Block cursor
[X] Color


F9 -> Setup -> Terminal options:
[X] Block cursor
[ ] Transparency


contact me if you think lynx can do a better job


contact me if you think netrik can do a better job


contact me if you think retawq can do a better job


contact me if you think w3m can do a better job

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